WORM HOLES:- A Wormhole is just like a space portal which acts as a shortcut for a journey to other galaxies.... it's just an assumption well there is no proof at present for the existence of "wormhole's"... 

Because we are restricted to velocities below the speed of light, the kind of space travel to distant stars and galaxies we see depicted in science fiction films is impossible.The realisation that this is the case, & that humankind may never visit even a fraction of the "vast" universe, is a situation that even some physicists find unsatisfactory.This has lead to a search for loopholes in the laws of physics that may make intergalactic space travel possible. One such loophole involves the possibility of so called "wormholes" in space. These strange entities are a consequence of the theory of relativity, and the suggestion is that distant regions of the universe may be connected by a kind of space-time tunnel.However,theory predicts that wormholes will be unstable and so unsuitable for use as shortcuts by future astronauts. As soon as they have formed- if indeed they do form - they would collapse again. One suggestion is that wormholes could be stabilized by matter with "NEGATIVE ENERGY & NEGATIVE GRAVITY". Unfortunately - like wormholes themselves - this kind of matter exists only in theory so far. 

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