Well it's a fact that scientists are hunting for neutrino's. but why? this has been our question right? so here it is......

        The process of "nuclear fusion" within the sun generates a huge no of neutriono's as well as EMR( Electro Magnetic Radiations). Neutrinos are mysterious elementary particles. They have miniscule mass and are able to pass through matter almost undisturbed, which is why, in contrast to radiation, the neutrino's that originate in the core of the sun arrive at the earth in only 8 minutes. About 70 billion neutrinos strike each square centimetre of our planet every second. Physicists are developing gigantic detectors in their efforts to catch at least a few of these elusive particles to help them understand a few more of the mysteries of the sun's interior.


                     One such detector is The "SUPER KAMIOKANDE" detector which is 59m high and fitted with more than 11000 photomultiplier tubes which are used to detect neutrinos.


you see the tiny tiny things here in the picture these are the "photomultiplier tubes"

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