What would you say if anyone asks what is the least measurable part or unit of time?

The answer is "Planck's time". So what is this planck's time?

like 10th part of a "second" or still lesser than that. 

here are some other small units of time,

1) Millisecond (thousandth part of a second)

2)Microsecond (millionth part of a second)

3)Nanosecond (billionth part of a second)

4)Picosecond (trillion part of a second)

5)Femtosecond (quadrillionth part of a second)

6)Attosecond (quintillionth part of a second)

7)Zeptosecod (sextillionth part of a second)\

Well to explain how fast did the big bang explosion took place , famous german scientist Mr.Max Planck had introduced what is so called "PLANCK TIME".


   So coming to  the point planck time can be defined as how much time a "photon" would take travelling with speed of light in vacuum to cover of a distance of one "Planck length". where as planck length is the unit of length in "Planck units".

To be much simple, the smallest unit of time is called "planck's time".

It's app value is 5.4 *10^-44 = 0.0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000054 "SECONDS".

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