it's very difficult for the scientists to measure exactly the age of our universe.

coming to the question how scientists would have measured the age of our universe?

well, does anybody know about "cosmic microwave background radiation"?

cosmic microwave background radiation:-  Cosmic microwave background  reaches  the earth from all the directions and is like an echo of the big bang.

The background pattern we see today emerged when the cosmos was only 400000 years old. by that time it's temperature had dropped to less than 2700 c. and what had been hot,opaque plasma became transparent gas through which electromagnetic radiation could travel freely.since then,the universe has expanded and cooled so that the temperature of the cosmic background radiation is now only 2.7 c above absolute zero(-273.15 c). so thanks to tiny variations in the cosmic background radiation we can hope to learn what happened at the time of big bang.

 the most accurate measurement of cosmic microwave background radiation so far was made by,the US satellite "WILKINSON MICROWAVE ANISOTROPY PROBE.(WMAP). which found our universe to be "13.7" billion years comparison, earth came into existence into being some "4.5" billion years ago. 

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